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Critical Fire Safety on Your site with FIREMATE

The History

From a modest beginning as a plastic molding company, Goria Corporation quickly met customers’ molding challenges and moved into the funeral products industry. After revolutionizing the way burial vaults are done, Goria Corporation sold off all of their patented technologies and related items to a large casket company. It was during this time that FIREMATE was developed, patented, and produced. Goria Corporation is now a 100% woman-owned business.


The Idea

Like Pierre Goria you have probably walked past a makeshift wooden stand holding a fire extinguisher on a construction jobsite. Sometimes these makeshift stands will be spray painted red or have a sign attached to them. While on a site with many of these flimsy wooden fire extinguisher stands, Mr. Goria asked the general contractor why they chose to build these wooden stands and not purchase them. This led to a discussion with the contractor on OSHA compliance and the fact that at the time, there was nothing available on the market to fit this specific industry need.


Within six months, Goria Corporation filed for a patent, designed molds and delivered initial orders and began production of the FIREMATE. The FIREMATE is a stackable and portable fire extinguisher stand that allows workers on the jobsite to easily identify where this life-saving equipment is in the event of a fire emergency. The FIREMATE accommodates 5-, 10-, or 20-pound fire extinguishers, which covers any size fire extinguisher you will find on a construction site. The FIREMATE is manufactured with the environment in mind and is made of 75% recycled plastic.


Use and Best Practices

Mortenson Construction, based in Golden Valley, MN, has been a customer since FIREMATE’s inception. Jeremy Thigpen, a buyer for Mortenson, has had great success with FIREMATE on the company’s sites. “We began purchasing FIREMATE for our projects over six years ago. The product is well made, compact, reusable, and stands out on the project site.”


Frank Hallman, of Hallman Sales, the master distributor for FIREMATE, reports that “customers are excited about the product. Contractors like the practicality of FIREMATE and how it’s reusable. It’s easy to stack the FIREMATES, put them on a pickup, and move them to the next jobsite.” Hallman Sales maintains a stock of FIREMATEs for individual or bulk orders.


Before delivery to a project, the FIREMATE can be customized with a company logo. Mortenson has taken advantage of this feature, and transfers the FIREMATEs from project to project. Thigpen said the FIREMATE is “a versatile safety option for our project team members.” The FIREMATE’s uniform look provides unmistakable safety communication and lends a professional look to the construction site.


The reusable nature of the FIREMATE directly impacts a contractor’s bottom line. While the makeshift wooden stands may seem like an easy fix, it’s surprising how much they can cost you in materials and manpower. The average material cost to build a makeshift stand is approximately $60. Depending on who is building the stand on your project, your labor cost will vary. When the project wraps up, often these stands are scrapped and new stands are built at the next site, costing more money in materials and labor. The FIREMATE saves you money by providing a solution that you pay for once. Anyone can set up the FIREMATE on the project, it requires no special skills and it is easy to handle because it is light at only 14-pounds. When the project wraps up, stack your FIREMATEs and bring them to the next site. FIREMATEs are designed to nest and stack for efficient mobility. The FIREMATE will pay for itself after use on one site.


The FIREMATE provides even further cost savings by keeping fire extinguishers protected from accidental damage. The FIREMATE is knock-over resistant. Fire extinguishers are a necessary part of every project, and they can be quite expensive, especially larger capacity units. A typical 10- or 20-pound dry chemical fire extinguisher found on a construction site costs $80-$150. Often, fire extinguishers are damaged before their useful life on a project. The FIREMATE allows contractors to protect their investments and save money on replacement costs.


Safety and Compliance

The FIREMATE meets OSHA’s general industry standard for safety color code and construction industry standard fire protection and prevention. These OSHA standards further specify how many fire extinguishers are required on a project based on square footage and the types of construction activities taking place.

On most sites, you are not allowed to mount fire extinguishers permanently until the end of the project. During the construction phase, a site could become cluttered with fire extinguishers placed on the floor, in stairwells, or other temporary areas. The ability to easily move the FIREMATE from task to task is critical on a jobsite that may have multiple fire-sensitive activities taking place at once. The location of fire extinguishers is always clear with the FIREMATE.


Access to fire extinguishers on a construction site is important and required by OSHA. Fire extinguishers must be visible, easily accessed, inspected monthly and maintained. The FIREMATE assists you in accomplishing all of these points:

- It is brightly colored in your choice of red, orange or yellow, and can be customized with your company’s logo

- It allows the fire extinguisher to be elevated off of the ground and visible to the inspector or in the case of fire emergency

- The FIREMATE protects the fire extinguisher from accidental damage on a busy construction site

- FIREMATE allows the fire extinguisher to be inspected easily


The use of FIREMATE in combination with good housekeeping practices on a jobsite conveys a professional and safe culture to the site’s personnel. There is no confusion about where fire extinguishers are located, access is easily maintained at all times, and personnel can count on knowing the fire extinguishers will be available when they need them.


For contractors looking to maintain a safe and professional jobsite, the FIREMATE is the perfect piece of equipment that provides easy access to life-saving equipment at a competitive price.

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